October 2009
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Album: “Legend of the Black Shawarma” by Infected Mushroom

Proven (yet again): the middle east is the place to go for decent electronic music.  Israeli duo “Infected Mushroom” easily demonstrates that techno music doesn’t have to be comprised of cheesy or boring repetitive loops.  It can be deep, intricate, interesting and even challenging.  I’ve been a huge fan for nearly a decade, ever since [...]

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Mattel finally learns how to "chill"

One of the chores inherent in the practice of law is that one has to read a lot of really REALLY dry court opinions.  It’s always nice when you find judges out there who recognize this, and make some effort to keep it interesting.  One of my favorites from law school has always been Mattel, [...]

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Gov. Schwarzenegger tells the California legislature how he really feels

The Governator sent, along with some unsigned bills, the following letter to California lawmakers.

Check out the first letter of each line


H/T bobby

This story was originally published on The Legal Satyricon.

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Hiring a Legal Assistant 101

"Do you really think that I’m perfect for the job?"

Helpful hints for finding and hiring a legal assistant:

Make sure you use an online listing service.  Craigslist is always a good one.
Always do a good job of describing what you’re looking for.  Use explicit language, whenever possible.  For example, stating that you are seeking an [...]

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It’s never too early to learn…

"Now, relax your throat… that's it…"

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Welcome to GaneshaFish

Who we are…

My name is Jason, and I’ve been writing for other people’s blogs for some time now.  I figured it was about time to pull all that content together into one place and begin working on my own "personal brand" — as one of my mentors describes it.  This blog will finally be my [...]

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Tactical IP's Latest Bully Award Nominations

For a couple of weeks now, Tactical IP has been putting together a list of companies that deserve recognition for their *outstanding* intellectual property enforcement efforts.  Below is their latest list of "IP Bully of the Month" nominees.  You can check out all the recent entries here.  Feel free to comment on who you think [...]

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I'z offishal!!

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Album: “Still Searching” by Senses Fail

No matter how bad your life seems, these guys can make you feel better.  With lyrics about self loathing, alcohol abuse, suicide, my-daddy-never-loved-me issues, and my-ex-girlfriend-cut-out-my-heart-fried-it-up-in-a-pan-ate-it-puked-it-onto-the-floor-and-jumped-up-and-down-on-top-of-it goodness.

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Immoral or Scandalous Matter?

One of the "peculiarities" of U.S. trademark law is that the government has a stick up its collective ass about recognizing trademarks that may be suggestive of dick-and-fart humor.  Section 2 of the Lanham Act (the federal statute that creates trademark rights) provides:

No trademark by which the goods of the applicant may be distinguished from [...]

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