February 2009
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Has the Sixth Circuit Declared Jihad on the First Amendment?

Twice in two weeks, the Sixth Circuit has handed down decisions that are targeted at burdening the adult entertainment industry. As we pointed out in an earlier post and as Professor Salkin explains, the Sixth upheld a questionable Tennessee regulation that creates special licensing requirements for “sexually-oriented businesses.” They also did a number [...]

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The government has speech rights too.

What? You don't want *this* guy's monument in your park?

The United States Supreme Court this week announced that a city’s government has a right to decide which donated monuments to display on municipal property (source).  Justice Alito, writing for a unanimous Court, said that placement of a permanent marker on public grounds represents [...]

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Video: Oscar Tips from Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet explains how to get an Oscar.  Ricky Gervais is a comic genius.

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Producers of Copyrighted Content – They Just Don’t Get It

I don’t understand why producers of copyrighted content have such a hard time comprehending their customer base. We’re not that difficult to fathom. We only really have a few, simple needs:

We want to be able to get to desired content, whenever and however we want.
We don’t want to pay through the nose for [...]

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Facebook Caves to User Pressure

A few days ago, Facebook announced that it would be changing its terms of service. The updated terms made changes with regard to intellectual property ownership of content that users posted to the site. The changes were denounced as oppressive by many blog commentators. Apparently in response to the negative “press,” Facebook [...]

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Air-O-Matic’s claim of trademark infringement doesn’t pass the smell test

iPhone application developer, InfoMedia, Inc., filed a complaint last week, seeking a declaratory judgment from a U.S. District Court in Colorado.  The pleading seeks to end a dispute that has been bubbling up between InfoMedia and one of its competitors, Air-O-Matic (AOM).  What are these two companies fighting over?  Dominance in the cutthroat realm of [...]

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