June 2024
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Good News; Racism Solved

Regular readers of the LS know how we feel about thought control through the implementation of Newspeak.  (We think it is retarded).

Apparently, there are at least a few out there who have a hard-on for eradicating crimethink.  In their latest effort, a newly sanitized edition of Mark Twain’s classic, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, will [...]

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Goddamnit, California, when are you gonna learn?


When are you gonna learn that legislation and regulation are not a substitute for parenting?  If your kid is too fat, don’t buy them the effing happy meal.  Problem solved.  Banning products is the worst form of government intrusion.  Period.  And while we’re on the subject of banned products — thanks alot, stoners, for [...]

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“The Contours of Actual Malice” or “Rand Paul Learns About Tabloid Journalism”

If you’re not a liberal by eighteen, you’ve got no heart; if you’re not a conservative by thirty, you’ve got no brains — as the saying goes.  The axiomatic truth behind those words is what makes this GQ story about Rand Paul kinda cute and heartwarming.  Some of the senatorial candidate’s Baylor buddies remember that [...]

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Romantic Advice

This article was originally published on The Legal Satyricon

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3d Circuit: “No child porn charges in sexting case”

The Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit handed down its decision this week in the Pennsylvania “sexting” case, in which a prosecutor threatened to press child porn charges against a group of teenage girls for sending cell phone pictures of themselves in bras and underwear.  You can read the infamous J. DeVoy’s anti-gender-bias [...]

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Republican candidate Scott Brown has successfully knocked off his Democrat opponent Martha Coakley in a Massachusetts special election to fill the late Ted Kennedy‘s Senate seat.  In doing so, the people of Massachusetts have all but doomed President Obama’s hopes for getting the currently proposed health care reform legislation passed.  The message to our government [...]

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USPTO Jumps in Line to Provide “Green” Initiatives, Ignores Climate Gate

“Awe!  Come ON!  I made a movie about it.  That proves it’s true.”

Director Kappos, of the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), writes on his blog this week about how the Office intends to fast-track the examination of patent applications that deal with so-called “green” technologies.  Great headline for a month ago, when [...]

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The People’s Republic of Brooklyn

“All your property rights are belong to us!”

Thanks to the socialist wing of our highest court, the language of the Fifth Amendment has been perverted to include economic development as a justifiable reason for disregarding private property rights.  In the latest episode of “how can the government make sex to me, without even buying [...]

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Anonymous Hooker Blogger Outed

If you’re a fan of Showtime‘s adult series “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” (or even if you aren’t), you may be interested to know that the real-life anonymous author of the blog and book that inspired the series went public earlier this week.  (Source)

Dr. Brooke Magnanti, Ph.D. in informatics, epidemiology and forensic science, in [...]

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Gov. Schwarzenegger tells the California legislature how he really feels

The Governator sent, along with some unsigned bills, the following letter to California lawmakers.

Check out the first letter of each line


H/T bobby

This story was originally published on The Legal Satyricon.

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