December 2010
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I officially hate anyone who has ever owned or controlled a broadcast or pay television outlet.

FX‘s president, John Landgraf, in a conference call with news media announced today the cancellation of the network’s newest original show, “Terriers” (source).  Being qualitatively one of the best shows on television is apparently not enough to support a series anymore.  The sheep need to be fed a steady diet of shitty murder whodunnits or they will refuse to eat anymore, so it seems.  CNN, in its obituary for the show, pretty much sums up exactly why the show should have survived, but oddly it turns out to be an explanation of why we won’t be enjoying the further adventures of Hank and Britt:

This was also an original show in the truest sense.  It wasn’t a paint-by-numbers procedural.  It wasn’t a remake of an earlier series or a movie.  It wasn’t the next installment in a reality franchise.  It established a world and inhabited that world with fully formed characters, asking the audience to invest in those characters and their flaws.  (source)

No. I guess we’d much rather enjoy more awful performances from grade-a douche bags like Alex O’Loughlin on “Hawaii Five-O” than experience anything new.  All I can say is that FX better not even think about messing with “Justified,” or I will be forced to purchase an AR-15 and a plane ticket.


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