December 2009
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“Twenty-Something Arrested at Twilight Movie” or “State Law Copyright Enforcement?”

Earlier this month, 22-year-old Samantha Tumpach was arrested exiting a showing of the new douchey-little-vampire-kid movie, The Twilight Saga: New Moon.  No, she wasn’t detained for a psych eval, as anyone over the age of 16 should be for watching that movie.  (The only problem with implementing that policy is that state mental health facilities [...]

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Does Disney Own the Concept of a Castle?

It is a well known axiom of U.S. intellectual property law that there is no protection afforded to mere ideas.  In order to employ the force and power of our legal system to enforce your intellectual property rights, you must have something more concrete than an idea.  In patent law, for example, you must have [...]

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USPTO Jumps in Line to Provide “Green” Initiatives, Ignores Climate Gate

“Awe!  Come ON!  I made a movie about it.  That proves it’s true.”

Director Kappos, of the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), writes on his blog this week about how the Office intends to fast-track the examination of patent applications that deal with so-called “green” technologies.  Great headline for a month ago, when [...]

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Class Settlement Notice Sent as Facebook Message?

File under “can they do that?”  Facebook notified me of a class settlement agreement, by sending me an in-network message:

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Facebook is sending you this notice of a proposed class action settlement that may affect your legal rights as a Facebook member who may have used the Beacon program.  This summary notice is [...]

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Album: “Minus All” by Imperative Reaction

Best.  Industrial.  Album.  Ever.  Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating.  Best I’ve heard this week, anyway.

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