January 2010
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Republican candidate Scott Brown has successfully knocked off his Democrat opponent Martha Coakley in a Massachusetts special election to fill the late Ted Kennedy‘s Senate seat.  In doing so, the people of Massachusetts have all but doomed President Obama’s hopes for getting the currently proposed health care reform legislation passed.  The message to our government [...]

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Space Coast Business Magazine prints one of my articles :)

One of the partners at my law firm, Mark Malek, and I put together a quick overview (800-words-or-less) about patents and copyrights for Space Coast Business Magazine.  They ran it in their January issue, and you can read the full text here.

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Removing “Confusion” with Trademarks

Trademarks are a huge part of everyone’s daily lives; yet the laws that dictate their use and abuse are not nearly as well known.  A single trip to the grocery store may expose you to literally thousands of trademarks.  There are the ones you expect to see (e.g., the word “Kellogg’s” on that box of [...]

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Album: “The Dream” by In This Moment

I’m well overdue in posting one of these.  Check this band out if you like good chick rock.  Think Veruca Salt meets Hawthorne Heights.

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Streisand 101

In an effort (I’m assuming) to be hip and relevant, my alma mater (and Randazza‘s previous teaching gig) has begun adding courses to their curriculum that have little to do with the law or lawyering.  One example is a course called “Popular Culture and the Law,” to which the registrar has assigned the following course [...]

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Paris Hilton continues her IP education… from the defendant’s chair

After getting the go-ahead from the Ninth Circuit earlier this year on her “That’s Hot!” trademark infringement case against Hallmark, hotel heiress Paris Hilton has apparently signed up (although unwillingly) for another intellectual property lesson.  This time, she’s going to be studying design patents.  Her professor, a footwear designer called Gwyneth Shoes, claims that its [...]

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