June 2024
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Being a douche nozzle is no way to keep clients

Of course the headline here seems like common sense, but what’s surprising is that many attorneys have trouble with this bit of wisdom.  As surprising as it may be, understanding why practicing attorneys have trouble controlling their aggressive tendencies is not difficult when you think about it.  The problem is, when you have to spend [...]

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Streisand 101

In an effort (I’m assuming) to be hip and relevant, my alma mater (and Randazza‘s previous teaching gig) has begun adding courses to their curriculum that have little to do with the law or lawyering.  One example is a course called “Popular Culture and the Law,” to which the registrar has assigned the following course [...]

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Class Settlement Notice Sent as Facebook Message?

File under “can they do that?”  Facebook notified me of a class settlement agreement, by sending me an in-network message:

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Facebook is sending you this notice of a proposed class action settlement that may affect your legal rights as a Facebook member who may have used the Beacon program.  This summary notice is [...]

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Hiring a Legal Assistant 101

"Do you really think that I’m perfect for the job?"

Helpful hints for finding and hiring a legal assistant:

Make sure you use an online listing service.  Craigslist is always a good one.
Always do a good job of describing what you’re looking for.  Use explicit language, whenever possible.  For example, stating that you are seeking an [...]

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I'z offishal!!

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Sex with clients is not unethical in England... Just don't bill for it

The American Bar Association’s (ABA’s) Mode Rules for Professional Conduct state, in the section about Conflicts of Interest:

A lawyer shall not have sexual relations with a client unless a consensual sexual relationship existed between them when the client-lawyer relationship commenced. Rule 1.8(j)

(Interesting side note: this is the only conflict that is not imputed [...]

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