June 2024
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From the “Thank God Congress Has Nothing Better to Do” Desk: Four U.S. Senators Write Stern Letter to Facebook

Plenty of whiny types are up in arms over Facebook’s recent “personalization” improvements, which automatically link fan pages for companies, bands, television shows, etc. to users’ profiles, based on their self-proclaimed favorites.  Also, when a user specifies their favorite music, movies, books, and the like, that information may now be accessed more readily by parties [...]

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Lindsay Lohan Publicly Admits Milk Addiction

Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan filed a $100 million suit against online financial services company, E-Trade. In her complaint (you can read it here), Ms. Lohan accuses E-Trade of appropriating her likeness in its Super Bowl ad, wherein the spokesbaby’s girlfriend accuses him of not calling her because he was with “that milkaholic, Lindsay.”

The [...]

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Mattel finally learns how to "chill"

One of the chores inherent in the practice of law is that one has to read a lot of really REALLY dry court opinions.  It’s always nice when you find judges out there who recognize this, and make some effort to keep it interesting.  One of my favorites from law school has always been Mattel, [...]

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Getting Under-30s Interested in the First Amendment

It’s a daunting task, but one District Judge in Rhode Island thinks he has found a way to catch the interest of the under-30, computer-oriented generation: Link to YouTube videos, which play music that is ironically related to the facts of a case. (source)

“The novelty of citations to YouTube and the idea that you [...]

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How Much is Your Virginity Worth?: Lessons in Economics and Federalism

A twenty-two year old Nevada woman has placed her virginity up for grabs in an online auction, where the bidding has reportedly reached over $3.7 million. The transaction has caught the attention of some religious groups, who would like the federal government to intervene. However, because prostitution is legal in the state of [...]

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