December 2010
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WTF Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled this week that committing a sex crime is not necessarily a prerequisite for ordering a convict to register as a sex offender (source). I tried reading the opinion to figure this nonsense out, but my head nearly exploded when I read the excerpted sentence below, and I had to [...]

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Being a douche nozzle is no way to keep clients

Of course the headline here seems like common sense, but what’s surprising is that many attorneys have trouble with this bit of wisdom.  As surprising as it may be, understanding why practicing attorneys have trouble controlling their aggressive tendencies is not difficult when you think about it.  The problem is, when you have to spend [...]

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I officially hate anyone who has ever owned or controlled a broadcast or pay television outlet.

FX‘s president, John Landgraf, in a conference call with news media announced today the cancellation of the network’s newest original show, “Terriers” (source).  Being qualitatively one of the best shows on television is apparently not enough to support a series anymore.  The sheep need to be fed a steady diet of shitty murder whodunnits or [...]

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Google to Internet Users: “All Your Angry Comments Are Belong to Us”

Google, allegedly in an effort to improve the civility of user comments, has determined that the “caps lock” key should not be a part of laptops that will be made to support its forthcoming operating system.  (source)

This article was originally posted on The Legal Satyricon

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