February 2024
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Lamebook, We Support You!

I know this story is already a couple of days old, but we think it’s still worth reporting on.  For anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on, Facebook has been on a tear recently trying to flex its trademark muscles, suing and threatening to sue pretty much anyone who uses the word “book” in their [...]

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From the “Thank God Congress Has Nothing Better to Do” Desk: Four U.S. Senators Write Stern Letter to Facebook

Plenty of whiny types are up in arms over Facebook’s recent “personalization” improvements, which automatically link fan pages for companies, bands, television shows, etc. to users’ profiles, based on their self-proclaimed favorites.  Also, when a user specifies their favorite music, movies, books, and the like, that information may now be accessed more readily by parties [...]

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Class Settlement Notice Sent as Facebook Message?

File under “can they do that?”  Facebook notified me of a class settlement agreement, by sending me an in-network message:

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Facebook is sending you this notice of a proposed class action settlement that may affect your legal rights as a Facebook member who may have used the Beacon program.  This summary notice is [...]

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Facebook proves that its terms are not Free Speech friendly

Facebook has confirmed that they have removed two group pages belonging to holocaust deniers after receiving pressure from members of the public, including attorney Brian Cuban (brother of entrepreneur Mark Cuban).

A Facebook spokesperson explained that “if the discussion among [a group's] members degrades to the point of promoting hate or violence, despite whatever disclaimer the [...]

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Facebook Caves to User Pressure

A few days ago, Facebook announced that it would be changing its terms of service. The updated terms made changes with regard to intellectual property ownership of content that users posted to the site. The changes were denounced as oppressive by many blog commentators. Apparently in response to the negative “press,” Facebook [...]

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