October 2009
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Welcome to GaneshaFish

Who we are…

My name is Jason, and I’ve been writing for other people’s blogs for some time now.  I figured it was about time to pull all that content together into one place and begin working on my own "personal brand" — as one of my mentors describes it.  This blog will finally be my own creation, where I will have full editorial control.  A place for me to rant about my passions, and hopefully share some useful know how.

What you will find here…

As I mentioned above, I have been writing for other blogs for some time.  You may be more familiar with my posts from The Legal Satyricon, where I’ve been a contributor since late 2008.  More recently, I’ve been working on my law firm’s blog, Tactical IP.  I have republished much of the content that I have already posted on those sites here, and I will probably continue to do so, with meta information at the end of each post, indicating where it originally appeared.  I have imported older posts with their original publishing date, so it may look like this blog has been here a while.  However, this is really the first post.

I am hoping to write some original content that will be exclusive to this site.  Mostly stuff that I don’t think is appropriate for anywhere else (which isn’t very much, considering the range of content that is acceptable for the Satyricon).  My plan is to continue in the vein of those other blogs — focusing mostly on developments in intellectual property law, my opinions about tech news and other bits of online culture.  Hopefully, I can talk some of my friends into providing a couple of guest posts.


Please check back often, and let me know what you think of my work in the comments.  Don’t be afraid to register and let me know who you are.  I’m not an internet marketing bot, so I won’t abuse your private information.  You can use the feed to receive posts via email or through any standard RSS reader.

I would like to close the inaugural post with a nice image of this blog’s principal totem — the Hindu deity Ganesha, god of travelers and merchants…


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