May 2010
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Jorgensen, How could you?

Christopher Jorgensen, of infamy, has further demonstrated his complete lack of sensitivity, yet again, this past weekend.  In an appalling display of callousness, he has posted a scanned image only of his latest letter response from Attorney Scott Greenfield, leaving text-only browser users completely in the dark.  We here at GaneshaFish just won’t stand for that kind of discrimination.  Anyone using a TRS-80, who was unable to enjoy the above-mentioned letter, take heart.  We have provided a transcript below.

Dear Mr. Jorgenson [sic]:

    Thank you for your letter explaining why you will not, and cannot, write to me.  As you note, “no one ever reads the ‘FUQ‘ on your website.”  It would be wrong of me to be the first, and I shall not demean the sanctity of your FUQs by reading them.  While they may not remain virginal forever, I would feel dirty to be the first.

    However, I remain confused about the reference in you letter (the one explaining why you will not write to me) about a “joke”.  What joke would that be?  I love jokes, and would very much look forward to reading one of your creation.  Please let me know with greater specificity when and if you have a joke that I can enjoy.  I so look forward to it.

    Also, your being from Des Moines, would this be the first ever joke to come from there?  If so, I would like to announce it, and perhaps get you the key to the City.  It would be a great honor for you, but you deserve it if you can be the first from Des Moines to create a joke.  Just so you know, I have eaten in Des Moines.  It wasn’t very funny at all.

    As I am not a comedian (and in fact, I am a lawyer), I promise not to steal your joke or use it without attribution.  I really hope it’s a good one.  Is Jorgenson [sic] a Jewish name?

        Very truly yours,

        s/Scott H. Greenfield

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