January 2009
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Suit Filed in Utah Over Male Chastity Belts

A.L. Enterprises, Inc. (“ALE”), a Nevada corporation, sued a Canadian manufacturer of male chastity belts in Utah this week. ALE alleges that Latitudes International (“Latitudes”) has shipped products into the United States that bear ALE’s federally registered trademarks.

While this story would seem to be of a kind that would appear first on this blog, we were scooped by Mr. Gile over at Las Vegas Trademark Attorney. Respect.


“[I]t’s simulated wood design gives it a ‘warm, earthy feel.’”

As the owner of federal registrations for the trademarks “CB-3000″ and “CB-6000″, to be used in association with devices conducive to male chastity, ALE has the right to prevent others from selling similar products in the U.S. under the same marks. Latitudes is accused of doing just that.

According to the complaint, Latitudes is selling counterfeit versions of ALE’s products at two websites, and Indeed, the website does appear to be offering the same three types of “devices” that ALE sells and using the same trademarks to identify its goods.

Perhaps the most interesting detail in this story, at least to this observer, is that the USPTO has two separate classes of goods for:

  • “Devices conducive to male chastity, namely, chastity belts for men” and
  • “Adult sexual aids conducive to male chastity, namely, chastity restraints for men”

This story was originally published on The Legal Satyricon.

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