May 2022
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IOC Uses DMCA to Suppress Luge Accident Video

The opening day of the 2010 Winter Olympics was marked with tragedy when 21-year-old Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, was involved in a fatal crash during a training run. The horrific event dampened the spirit of the international competition and colored the mood at the opening ceremonies later that night. As anyone would expect, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) sprung into action, responding to the accident with a multi-point [...]

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Streisand 101

In an effort (I’m assuming) to be hip and relevant, my alma mater (and Randazza‘s previous teaching gig) has begun adding courses to their curriculum that have little to do with the law or lawyering.  One example is a course called “Popular Culture and the Law,” to which the registrar has assigned the following course [...]

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Anonymous Hooker Blogger Outed

If you’re a fan of Showtime‘s adult series “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” (or even if you aren’t), you may be interested to know that the real-life anonymous author of the blog and book that inspired the series went public earlier this week.  (Source)

Dr. Brooke Magnanti, Ph.D. in informatics, epidemiology and forensic science, in [...]

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Mattel finally learns how to "chill"

One of the chores inherent in the practice of law is that one has to read a lot of really REALLY dry court opinions.  It’s always nice when you find judges out there who recognize this, and make some effort to keep it interesting.  One of my favorites from law school has always been Mattel, [...]

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In Lakeland, Florida, saying "Im'ma kill me a cop one day" will get you two years in prison

A Lakeland, FL man has been sentenced to two years in prison for recording a rap song entitled "Kill Me a Cop" (source).  It seems that the local sheriff’s office considers the lyrics to be a credible threat of imminent violence — never mind the fact that the source of that "imminent" threat was in [...]

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Facebook proves that its terms are not Free Speech friendly

Facebook has confirmed that they have removed two group pages belonging to holocaust deniers after receiving pressure from members of the public, including attorney Brian Cuban (brother of entrepreneur Mark Cuban).

A Facebook spokesperson explained that “if the discussion among [a group's] members degrades to the point of promoting hate or violence, despite whatever disclaimer the [...]

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Change we can all believe in…

Obama plans National Day of Prayer proclamation, not event… Aaaaah! Not an event? That TOTALLY makes it different.

This story was originally published on The Legal Satyricon.

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Obama Art Unveiling Suppressed

Artist Michael D’Antuono was scheduled to publicly unveil his painting (pictured below) in New York’s Union Square Park this morning, to commemorate Obama’s 100th day in office. However, due to “thousands of emails and phone calls; online blogs and other public commentary received in the first 48 hours following its release”, the event was [...]

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Freedom of the Press (or lack thereof) in Iran

Saberi is a former North Dakota beauty queen

Conservative blogger, Michelle Malkin, reports on something that both sides of the political aisle should be able to agree about:

U.S. journalist Roxana Saberi turns 32 today in an Iranian prison. After an hour-long trial, she was sentenced to eight years behind bars for “espionage.” She [...]

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Protesting Censorship Down Under

Hackers hijacked Australia’s official online censorship board website to protest that agencies practices of filtering web content that hasn’t been ruled to be obscene. (source)

In case you can’t read the tiny text pictured above, here’s the message:

This site contains information about the boards that have the right to CONTROL YOUR FREEDOMZ. The Classification [...]

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