December 2023
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The North Face claims that consumers don't know their heads from their asses

Clothing producer, The North Face (TNF), recently got a lesson in how bad trademark enforcement decisions can make a company look silly.  It seems a St. Louis teen thought that it would be amusing to create a clothing line parody, calling it “The South Butt,” — south being the logical opposite of north and butt [...]

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Confusion?... We don't need no stinkin' confusion!

The Wall Street Journal published a story about how Monster Cable was trying to bully the owners of a mom-and-pop business into changing their name. According to David Tognotti, Monster Cable’s general manager and an attorney, the company considers “Monster” a famous mark — on a par with Barbie dolls or Camel cigarettes, giving [...]

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Yes, you should have hired a trademark attorney…

I’ll settle for…. One. Hundred. Gazillion. Dollars.

by Fischer and Randazza

Another day, another cautionary tale about how staying at a Holiday Inn Express doesn’t qualify you to practice law.

Enter Jamil Ezzo, an enterprising Internet maven, who runs the website at  Mr. Ezzo decided that he should file for a federal trademark registration on his [...]

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Air-O-Matic’s claim of trademark infringement doesn’t pass the smell test

iPhone application developer, InfoMedia, Inc., filed a complaint last week, seeking a declaratory judgment from a U.S. District Court in Colorado.  The pleading seeks to end a dispute that has been bubbling up between InfoMedia and one of its competitors, Air-O-Matic (AOM).  What are these two companies fighting over?  Dominance in the cutthroat realm of [...]

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Suit Filed in Utah Over Male Chastity Belts

A.L. Enterprises, Inc. (“ALE”), a Nevada corporation, sued a Canadian manufacturer of male chastity belts in Utah this week. ALE alleges that Latitudes International (“Latitudes”) has shipped products into the United States that bear ALE’s federally registered trademarks.

While this story would seem to be of a kind that would appear first on this [...]

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